UNCTAD Forum Prepping More Climate Sensitive Post-Covid Trade Regime



Stabroek News

Even as the international community remains almost exclusively preoccupied with what has become the herculean task of forcing the Covid-19 malady into retreat, the United Nations is beginning to turn its attention to life after the pandemic, the June 14-15 second edition of the UN Trade Forum seeking to provide a measure of global enlightenment on the actions needed for and inclusive and green recovery. 

The organizers of what is billed as a virtual forum are expected to bring together “international trade experts, ministers of government, thought leaders and international organizations,” whom, the promotional pitch for the forum says, will “explore the role of trade policy in forging sustainable solutions that benefit people more equally.” The forum is being seen as an important precursor to UNCTAD’s 15th Quadrennial Ministerial Conference scheduled to be staged in Barbados from October 3-7, this year.
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