Uruguay Wood Exports Seen Headed for Record on Asia Demand



Ken Parks

Uruguay’s wood exports could hit a record this year with Asian countries buying more wood at higher prices as the global recovery takes hold, according to one of the country’s biggest forestry companies.


Agroempresa Forestal exported about 160,000 cubic meters of Uruguayan pine and eucalyptus logs this year through mid-May, Director Francisco Bonino said in an interview. The company, which manages about $880 million in forestry assets in Uruguay, Chile and Brazil, could ship a similar amount from the country later in the year if Asian demand remains firm, he said.


“Today the price of a pine log in China is 40% above last year and maybe 50% to 60% more than two years ago,” Bonino said. “In the case of eucalyptus it’s probably around 10% higher than last year.”

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