US-China Talks Unlikely To Improve Ties In The Long Run, Says Asia Society’s Ronnie Chan Chi-chung



Jack Lau | South China Morning Post

Talks between China and the United States are unlikely to improve ties significantly as the countries are set for long-term confrontation decades in the making, said the chairman of the Asia Society’s Hong Kong centre on Tuesday.

Changes in US leadership from the more adversarial Donald Trump to Joe Biden will not drastically change American policy on China, said Ronnie Chan Chi-chung, also a Hong Kong property tycoon.

“What we are seeing today, don’t blame Donald Trump,” he said at a seminar organised by the University of Hong Kong’s Research Hub on Institutions of China. “Donald Trump, no doubt, took [US-China relations] to hell, but he was just the last straw that broke the camel’s back. It was 30 years in the making.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Biden met in a 3½-hour virtual summit last week. Biden pushed for “common sense guard rails” and collaboration on issues such as climate change.

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