U.S. Ending Sudan’s Terrorism Listing Offers Economic Lifeline



Mohammed Alamin | Bloomberg

Sudan hailed the U.S. vow to remove it from a list of nations sponsoring terrorism, a designation dating to Khartoum’s hosting of militants including Osama bin Laden in the early 1990s, as a watershed for an economy blighted by decades of sanctions and dictatorship.

Dropping the listing will allow the country to rejoin the global financial system, resolve its debts, attract investment and restructure the $19 billion economy, officials said Tuesday. The U.S. will provide an aid package including some funding, Finance Minister Heba Mohammed Ali told reporters, declining to give details, including on the amount.

President Donald Trump indicated Monday the move will happen soon, after authorities agreed to pay $335 million in compensation to victims and families of Americans killed in bombings in East Africa in the 1990s that Sudan under dictator Omar al-Bashir was accused of supporting.

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