US Continues Retreat from Global Stage as China-Iran Forge 25-Year Deal



Suzy Taherian | Forbes

China and Iran recently announced they are pushing ahead with a 25-year roadmap for expansion of political and economic relations. While the details of this all-encompassing agreement are not yet disclosed, it is clear that this is a strong pivot to the east for Iran. This deal further weakens the United States position in Middle East. The United States had previously pulled out of the multi-lateral Iran nuclear disarmament agreement. The United States is leaving the World Health Organization as well, taking another step to retreat from the global stage. For the first time since before World War II, the leadership role of the United States around the world is shrinking. From 1870 to the last decade, US exports grew from 2.5% to 14% of GDP. The increase in global trade caused economic growth in United States, but also around the world. It also enhanced the economic and political clout of United States internationally. Four recent major trends in last three years are reversing this trend, to the disadvantage of the United States and the benefit of China.

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