US Tariff Extension On Solar Products Hurt Energy Goals: China



Saur Energy International

The Biden administration in the U.S. has extended Trump-era tariffs on imported solar products for four years but made changes to exempt many more products from the levies, such as the more modern bifacial panels, which are key for Biden’s climat eagenda because they are the most efficient and will be increasingly used in large utility-scale energy products. 

China had earlier requested the World Trade Organization (WTO) to set up a dispute panel to judge whether the tariffs violated international trade rules. Ruling in favour of the US, WTO rejected China’s claims in September 2021. Without Biden extending them, these Trump-era tariffs were due to expire on Sunday, Feb 6. 

In response to the development, China’s commerce ministry said “A U.S. extension of tariffs on solar products distorts international tarde and hinders the development of clean, low-emission energy.”

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