US trade policy caught in a lobster trap



Marc L. Busch | The Hill

The United States is fighting a trade war it doesn’t want and can’t win. Worse still, the Trump administration is doubling down, threatening new tariffs on top of the older ones that got the U.S. into this mess in the first place. Welcome to the lobster wars.

There are a lot of moving parts in the lobster wars. The U.S. is battling the European Union (EU) and China, but Canada is the competition. Tariffs are central to the fight, but the lobster wars also feature non-tariff barriers, corporate inversions and even Boeing-Airbus retaliation at the World Trade Organization (WTO). But what is most interesting about the lobster wars is that the U.S. doesn’t accuse either the EU or China of having done anything wrong. How to make sense of all this?

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