Vietnam picks ex-state security official Chinh as new PM



James Pearson | Reuters

HANOI (Reuters) -Vietnam’s National Assembly confirmed Pham Minh Chinh, a career security official, as the south east Asian country’s next prime minister at an official ceremony on Monday.

The move completes the five-yearly renewal of Vietnam’s top four positions, as it looks to maintain economic growth, keep the coronavirus pandemic at bay, and balance relations with Beijing and Washington.

China has been asserting its authority in the South China Sea, while the U.S. Treasury Department labelled Vietnam a “currency manipulator” in December due to its trade surplus with the United States and heavy foreign exchange market intervention to hold down the value of its dong currency.

Chinh, 62, was the sole nominee put forward by the ruling Communist Party for the post at a congress earlier this year. He won 96.25% of the vote at Monday’s National Assembly vote.

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