What next for Brexit, May’s deal and the European elections?



Lisa O'Carroll | The Guardian

It was an epic night, starting with a joke between Theresa May and Angela Merkel, involving nine hours of talks over a dinner of scallop salad, cod loin and macadamia nut parfait, and finishing with an extension and a warning to Britain from the European council leader, Donald Tusk: “Do not waste this time.”

What was agreed overnight by the EU?

In the small hours of Thursday morning, the EU agreed with May to extend article 50 for a second time, delaying Brexit until 31 October. What happens until that deadline, said Tusk, will be in the hands of the UK.

“This extension is as flexible as I expected, but a lot shorter than I expected, but it’s still enough to find the best possible solution. Please do not waste this time,” said Tusk.

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