The World Logistics Passport (WLP) Welcomes Ten New Countries at Inaugural Global Summit




Taking place virtually at 16:00 GST, the Summit will host a mix of CEOs,  government ministers and representatives of leading international trade bodies to further international cooperation, offering businesses the right conditions, information and incentives to unlock the full potential of global trade. It will culminate in the unveiling of ten new countries which are joining the program, and with a declaration for adoption by all WLP countries in attendance.

As the world’s first global freight loyalty scheme, WLP offers members access to three tiers of benefits – silver, gold and platinum – provided by a range of WLP partners including airport authorities, port operators, customs services and others that help to make supply chains more efficient. Once the WLP is fully operational in a country, members of the WLP, including traders and freight forwarders, can anticipate an annual increase in trade on average of up to 5-10%. The WLP is free to join and open to all countries that meet the entry requirements. 

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