WTO Maps Out Trade Issues Related to COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout



World Trade Organization

The WTO Secretariat published today, 20 November, two graphics identifying some of the key trade issues arising at the various stages of the development and delivery of a vaccine against the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective is to help foster dialogue on the role that trade policy can play in distributing safe, efficient and high-quality vaccines promptly across the world.

An infographic complemented by a checklist of questions identify various trade-related issues involved in the development and distribution of vaccines against COVID-19, from regulatory approval to manufacturing and border clearance and distribution. These non-exhaustive graphics complement the WTO’s COVID-related trade monitoring work, which includes the series of information notes on different trade issues related to the pandemic. 

As countries are currently working on obtaining regulatory approval for vaccines against COVID-19, the manufacturing and delivering phases will be challenging in scale, reach and complexity. By stressing the interplay between a vaccine’s life cycle and trade-related policies, the graphics aim to assist authorities in identifying trade-related best practices, including regulatory.

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