ATP Overview

America’s Trade Policy

WITA operates the trade blog at America’s Trade Policy (ATP).  ATP was originally hosted by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and today serves as a forum for the in-depth discussion of global trade issues from across the trade political spectrum.  It also houses an ever-expanding trade library of papers and articles from around the world on international trade topics relevant to global policymakers. 

ATP Research

The ATP Research tab provides a curated collection of scholarly research pieces from think tanks and organizations around the world. Representing both local and international interests across the political spectrum, ATP Research presents reports, working papers, policy briefs, statements, and other analyses that will give readers a more extensive understanding of current trade issues. This section is updated weekly, giving readers a thorough view of the topics that concern modern trade researchers.


Trade News

ATP’s Trade News section contains articles and updates from reputable news sources across the political spectrum. Updated daily, this blog is the perfect place to stay up-to-date on the most current developments in international trade. Readers can learn about the United States’ involvement with China, Mexico and Canada, the European Union, and more, as well as how trade policy affects Americans domestically.



Like ATP Research, The NextGenTrade® section contains scholarly pieces from a variety of think tanks. However, NextGenTrade® specifically selects articles discussing aspects of trade that are likely to have a substantial impact in the near future. Discussing topics such as artificial intelligence and digital trade, this section alerts policymakers to the types of topics that should be taken into account as international trade relations move forward.


Event Videos

The Event Videos tab contains full videos for each public WITA event. Posted promptly after the conclusion of each event, these videos document commentary and discussions on current trade issues. This section is useful for viewers who were unable to attend an event, or for anyone who is interested in revisiting a certain discussion.


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