WITA’s NextGenTrade® initiative focuses on emergent trade issues that will be at the center of trade discussions, negotiations and disputes in the years to come.


Next Steps for U.S. Digital Leadership: Advancing Digital Governance with the Pacific and Europe

Dr. Orit Frenkel, Rebecca Karnak | American Leadership Initiative | 08/10/2021

Building on a strong domestic agenda, the Administration’s international objectives include ensuring a worker-centric trade policy, rebuilding partnerships with allies, and developing a strategy to address China’s growing technology challenge….

A Fresh Take on Defining Environmental Goods

Maureen Hinman | Silverado Policy Accelerator | 07/07/2021

The rapid pace of innovation in environmental technologies...

Alliance power for cybersecurity

Kenneth Geers|Atlantic Council | 08/04/2020

There is only one internet and only one cyberspace connecting individuals, enterprise...

Time To Green EU Trade Policy: But How?

Pascal Lamy, Genevieve Pons, Pierre Leturq | Jacques Delors Institute | 07/20/2020

“Is trade bad for the environment?” is ...


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