New Cold War: De-risking US-China conflict



Dr. Alan Dupont | The Hinrich Foundation

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the New Cold War. It examines the underlying causes of the US-China conflict and the reasons for the recent tensions. It evaluates the costs and impacts for China, the US, Europe and Asia of an escalation and outlines seven recommendations for preventing and mitigating worst-case outcomes.

The report concludes that the linked US-China trade, technology and geopolitical conflicts have precipitated a new Cold War. The world’s two major powers are now wrestling for strategic advantage in an increasingly bitter contest for global leadership.

Although a simmering rivalry is more likely than a hot war, according to Dupont, this is hardly cause for relief or complacency.

A second Cold War could be worse than the first, given the interdependence of the US and Chinese economies, their centrality to global prosperity and the proliferation of dangerous military and digital technologies.

Hinrich Foundation_New Cold War_Alan Dupont report_22June 2020

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