A Global Digital Strategy for America



American Leadership Initiative

The digital revolution is permeating all aspects of society, remaking the way people work and learn, changing the economic landscape, and alter- ing America’s relationships with the rest of the world. While this revolution has generated many benefits throughout society, the rapid change, ac- celerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, has also created economic disruption, devastating many in the middle and working classes and pos- ing challenges to American democracy. With the right policies, however, this revolution holds the potential to create a more inclusive and growing American economy with good American jobs, establish digital governance to protect democracy, support inclusive growth in developing countries, and position the United States (U.S.) as a global digital leader.

That is why the American Leadership Initiative (ALI) has convened and consulted with experts and key stakeholders from think tanks, academia, civil society, and business, together with elected officials, to develop a dig- ital policy roadmap for the Biden Administration and Congress. This report represents a culmination of that work.

To reap the benefits of the digital economy, and avoid its pitfalls, America must launch a Global Digital Strategy, involving a whole of government approach, and including participation of business and labor representa- tives, and civil society stakeholders. Such a strategy should focus on two interrelated pillars: Investing in America, ensuring equal access to tech- nology to close the digital divide and promoting policies to ensure Ameri- can competitiveness; and Leading Globally, working with allies to create a global digital future that is open, transparent, and democratic.


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