Impact Of The US-China Trade War On Global Supply Chains



Resilience360 | DHL

The volatility of the US-China trade war has brought about considerable uncertainty for companies with global manufacturing networks. Successive tariff escalations, regulatory burdens, and other non-tariff barriers have raised serious questions about how companies can adapt their supply chains to prepare for commercial risks amid escalating trade tensions.

Resilience360 is constantly looking for ways to provide its customers with actionable insights to help drive better business decisions and navigate impactful issues. To this effect, a customer survey was initiated to identify major trends and understand what actions companies are undertaking to minimize business disruption amid significant operational and regulatory turbulence.

The survey received 267 responses on questions that sought the views of supply chain professionals from across multiple industries and regions on the global challenges presented to them by the US-China trade war. The views presented here come from diverse industries, such as life sciences & healthcare, technology, automotive & mobility, engineering & manufacturing, consumer, retail, energy, chemicals, aerospace, and transportation & logistics.




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