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How the AGOA Reauthorization Process Could Help Diversify U.S. Critical Mineral Supplies

Zainab Usman & Alexander Csanadi | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace | 04/30/2024

The ongoing African Growth and Opportunity Act reauthorization process could facilitate the expansion of U.S.-Africa trade in critical minerals.   Introduction The United States is currently seeking to source the…

See the Big Picture: 2024 Supply Chain Outlook

Chris Rogers, Mark Fontecchio, Amy Chang & Emilee Nason | S&P Global Market Intelligence | 11/14/2023

Global supply...

Manufacturing Resilience: The US Drive to Reorder Global Supply Chains

Mary E. Lovely | Aspen Institute | 11/08/2023

Spurred by technological advances in shipping...

How Can African Countries Participate in U.S. Clean Energy Supply Chains?

Zainab Usman & Alexander Csanadi | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace | 10/02/2023

Supply Chain Resilience Policy: Theory, Practice, and Action

Sam Mulopulos | Ian Axford Fellowships in Public Policy | 08/31/2023

Recent shocks like the COVID-19...

Supply Chains and Value Chains, Explained

Joshua Kendall, Gabe Horwitz & Zach Moller | Third Way | 08/03/2023

Over the years, the United States has at times pursu...


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