Manny Manriquez | General Director | Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association

Over nearly four decades, Japanese-brand automakers have built up a vast American presence:

  • approximately $51 billion in cumulative manufacturing investment
  • over 84 million vehicles produced
  • over $1 trillion in U.S. auto parts purchased

Today, our members build one-third of all vehicles produced in the U.S. This provides more than 93,000 direct American jobs and supports over 1.6 million U.S. jobs throughout the value chain (suppliers, dealerships and services, as well as spin-off employment). Our footprint touches every state in the country, forging a network of enduring partnerships that are a central theme in the success story of Japanese-brand automakers in America. Those impressive figures enable me to talk often about JAMA members’ contributions using economic data. But what strikes me most during my travels around the country are the individual stories of the people I meet:

  • The hotel clerk in Georgetown, Kentucky, who appreciates the economic benefits Toyota’s presence means for her job and the broader community
  • The dedicated and brilliant people at the Transportation Research Center in East Liberty, Ohio, which thrives to a large degree due to Honda’s longtime manufacturing and R&D presence
  • The staff at the Japan-America Society of Indiana, who understand that the Honda, Subaru, and Toyota auto plants in that state create thousands of jobs and lift up the economic prospects of thousands more across the state
  • And there are the students at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) at Murfreesboro’s Smyrna Campus, where Nissan is a partner supporting skills development for TCAT students and employees of Nissan’s nearby auto plant

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