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Need Nickel? How Electrifying Transport and Chinese Investment are Playing Out in the Indonesian Archipelago

Michelle M. Foss and Jacob Koelsch | Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy | 04/11/2022

The success of the global march toward “decarbonization” depends on the complicated logistics that support it, along with the convoluted strategies that form its underpinning. The process of shoring up…

China’s Regulatory Crackdowns and U.S.-China Trade and Investment Relations

Henry Gao | National Foundation for American Policy | 02/10/2022

China’s regulatory ...

Industrial Policy and International Competition: Trade and Investment Perspectives

World Economic Forum | 02/08/2022

All governments intervene in their economies ...

Service Offshoring and Export Experience

Giuseppe Berlingieri, Luca Marcolin, Emanuel Ornelas | Centre for Economic Policy Research | 06/06/2021

Service inputs ar...

Trade and Innovation

Marc J. Melitz, Stephen J. Redding | National Bureau of Economic Research | 06/01/2021

Two central insights from the Schumpeterian approach t...

Is the European Union’s Investment Agreement with China Underrated?

Uri Dadush | André Sapir | Bruegel | 04/30/2021

The European Union is very open to foreign ...


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