Trade and Prosperity in the States: The Case of Georgia



Tori K. Whiting | The Heritage Foundation


Businesses in the state of Georgia export roughly $37.2 billion in goods and $21 billion in services annually, making Georgia the 12th-largest exporting state in the country. In 2016, goods exports supported nearly 182,000 jobs, 93 percent of which were in manufacturing, while services exports supported over 130,000 jobs. In 2017, Georgia imported more than $91 billion in goods, making it the seventh-largest import state in the U.S., and more than 60 percent of its imports from Canada and Mexico in 2016 were intermediate goods. Roughly 227,000 Georgians were employed by foreign-owned companies in 2015, accounting for 6 percent of all private-sector employment, and 35 percent of manufacturing employment, in the state. The benefits of trade for Georgians are undeniable, and the state’s elected officials should work with the Trump Administration to ensure that new trade agreements reduce tariffs and non-tariff barriers, making it easier for individuals and businesses to buy and sell around the world.

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