COVID-19 Related Goods: U.S. Imports and Tariffs



United States International Trade Commission

This report provides information on known imported products related to the response to COVID-19, drawing on lists of such goods compiled by the World Customs Organization, World Trade Organization, and the International Trade Administration at the U.S. Department of Commerce. It was prepared in response to a letter from the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means and the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance (the Committees) requesting that the Commission conduct a factfinding investigation to identify imported goods related to the response to COVID-19, their source countries, tariff classifications, and applicable rates of duty. Any updated data runs conducted by the Commission through June 30, 2020 will consider additional products as the response to COVID-19 develops and that may have been proposed for inclusion in written submissions.1 The Commission will post any relevant updated data runs on its website.

The report provides information for 112 HTS 10-digit statistical reporting numbers2 valid in 2020. Due to the fact that many HTS 10-digit statistical reporting numbers are basket categories that cover more than one product, data at the HTS 10-digit statistical reporting number level may include a mix of COVID-19 related and non-COVID-19 related goods. For this reason, this report does not summarize import value totals as such totals would not solely reflect COVID-19 related goods. The following summarizes information on the HTS 10-digit statistical reporting number presented in this report.


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