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European Business in China: Position Paper 2023/2024

European Union Chamber of Commerce in China | 09/20/2023

Regaining Momentum  How to Restore Business Confidence After abruptly abandoning its ‘zero-COVID’ approach in late 2022, China reopened its borders on 8th January 2023. This decision was a welcome surprise,…

Globalization and International Value Chains: 2000-2021

Guy F. Erb, Scott Sommers | 02/28/2023

The disruptions in international supply chains that occurred durin...

World Economic Situation And Prospects 2022

United Nations | 02/15/2022

The global economic recovery is facing significant headwinds amid new waves of COVID-19 in...

Emerging Strategies For Ports During The Pandemic

UNCTAD | 02/09/2022

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March 2020. Immediately, ports...

The Role of Trade in Developing Countries’ Road to Recovery

The World Trade Organization and The World Bank Group | 01/24/2022

Trade has been a phenomenal d...

A Worker Centric Digital Trade Agenda

Dr. Orit Frenkel and Rebecca Karnak | American Leadership Initiative | 11/10/2021

Digital technologies have created millions...

New WTO Report on G20 Shows Restraint in New Pandemic-Related Trade Restrictions

WTO Staff | World Trade Organization | 10/28/2021

G20 economies have continued to...


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