New Ideas for a Do-Something Congress No. 1: “A Check on Trump’s Reckless Tariffs”



Ed Gerwin | Progressive Policy Institute

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution sets out Congress’s job description on international trade, empowering it “to lay and collect . . . duties” and “to regulate commerce with foreign nations.”

For the past two years, Congress hasn’t been doing its job. Instead, it’s stood by while President Trump has hijacked its constitutional trade powers and recklessly imposed damaging tariffs. Trump’s abuse of trade powers delegated to him by Congress is destroying U.S. jobs, hammering large and small businesses, increasing prices for American families, and prompting foreign retaliation against American manufactured and farm exports.

It’s time for Congress to start doing its job on trade. A key step is enacting the Trade Authority Protection (TAP) Act. This balanced legislation would rein in Trump’s abuse of delegated trade powers, require greater presidential accountability, and enable Congress to nullify irresponsible tariffs and trade restrictions.

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