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Your Phones and Cars Aren’t Going to Work The Same After New U.S. Rules On Selling Chips to China Business & Technology

Paul Triolo | The China Project | 10/25/2022

New export controls imposed by America’s Commerce Department aim to stop China from making advanced semiconductors. But the rules will have plenty of unintended consequences. A package of highly restrictive…

Multilateralism Needs an Overhaul. Here’s Where to Start.

Yomna Gaafar | Atlantic Council | 10/12/2022

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly is gathering thi...

Meet The New Industrial Policy, Same As The Old Industrial Policy?

Simon Lester, J.D. | Rice University's Baker Institute For Public Policy | 08/24/2022

With the ...

Circular Economy: How Is It Defined And How Should It Be Defined?

Adina Renee Adler | Silverado Policy Accelerator | 03/09/2022

We are kicking off our exploratio...

Invasion Of Ukraine And Disrupted Supply Chains

Hinrich Foundation | 03/08/2022

Invasion upends trade and supply chains Ukraine is rallying the world’s concern. W...

Buy American Provisions- Great Slogan, Terrible Policy

Gary Winslett | The Libertarian-Progressive Papers | 03/07/2022

In last week’s State of the Union address, ...

Biden Administration Revises “Buy American” Rules

Jean Heilman Grier | Djaghe LLC | 03/07/2022

The Biden administration has revised “Buy American” rules, cons...


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