President Trump fighting to fix a broken trade system at the G-20



Corey R. Lewandowski | The Hill


For American corporations, President Trump has announced steps to protect domestic technology and intellectual property from abuses by China and other nations around the world. Most recently, after good faith efforts to negotiate a new trade deal with China, which chose to backtrack on major provisions after agreeing to those, President Trump imposed tariffs to send a clear message to Beijing that, while the U.S. would love to work out a deal, the days of taking advantage of the United States in international trade are over. 

At this week’s G-20 Summit, President Trump will meet with President Xi once again to talk about, among other things, trade. It’s in China’s best interest to come to the table with a mindset toward resolution. But even if it doesn’t, the president knows the importance of fixing the broken trading system upon which the U.S.-China relationship rests and he will take every action to ensure America keeps its upper hand. Regardless of pressure from the establishment, the media and leaders around the globe, President Trump will always fight to make sure our trading relationship with China — and all members of the G-20 — puts America first.



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