United States Becomes Second Country to Have More Than 1,000,000 New COVID-19 Cases in Fourteen Days



Terence P. Stewart | Current Thoughts on Trade

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) daily report, “COVID-19 situation update worldwide, as of 1 November 2020,” shows the number of new cases in the United States surpassing one million for the fourteen days October 19 – November 1. The 1,019,609 new cases reported by the United States for these fourteen days is the first time the United States has surpassed one million in a fourteen day period according to the daily reports from the ECDC. The United States is only the second country to have more than one million new cases in fourteen days, India being the first. India is now past peak, with the number of new cases declining significantly in recent weeks. The October 19-November 1 totals for the United States are 40.77% higher than the number of new cases in the fourteen day period, October 518. The huge growth in new cases in the United States is expected to continue in the coming weeks. The U.S. and Europe are accounting for all of the growth in global new cases in recent weeks. See October 30, 2020, In last eight days, the number of global new COVID-19 cases over past fourteen days has grown from five to six million, https://currentthoughtsontrade.com/2020/10/30/in-last-eight-days-the-numberof-global-new-covid-19-cases-over-past-fourteen-days-has-grown-from-five-to-six-million/ .

The United States has the most cases since data for COVID-19 has been being collected (end of 2019), with 9,126,361 total COVID-19 cases or 19.77% of the global total of 46,156,540, even though the U.S. has just 4.3% of the world’s population. Similarly, the United States has recorded the most deaths from COVID-19, 230,556 or 19.27% of the 1,196,272 deaths recorded by all countries around the world.

Terence Stewart, former Managing Partner, Law Offices of Stewart and Stewart, and author of the blog, Current Thoughts on Trade.

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