WITA Webinar: Back-to-Normal Barometer




On June 25, WITA hosted a presentation with Rich Thau and Gina Derickson of Engagious, Jon Last of the Sports and Leisure Research Group, and Ron Bonjean of ROKK Solutions. This presentation includes findings of people’s willingness to re-engage in normal activities, such as a stay in a hotel, a fly on a plane, visit a retail store, go on a cruise, etc.; what conditions must be met before they’d be willing to re-engage; and (assuming the necessary assurances were made) how soon they would next return. 

Click to access the presentation:

WITA Webinar Featuring: 

Rich Thau, President & Co-founder, Engagious

Jon Last, President, Sports and Leisure Research Group

Ron Bonjean, Partner, ROKK Solutions

Gina Derickson, Research Director, Engagious

Summary: In this webinar Ron Bonjean, Jon Last, Rich Thau, and Gina Derickson explore Americans attitudes towards returning to normal after a global pandemic. The webinar began with Ron Bonjean giving an overview of the activities people normally do versus what activities they have done in the past month. Rich Thau then presented data on people’s level of concern over medical, financial, and social unrest. The data showed a consistent drop in concern levels from phase five to phase six.

John Last then explored how willing the country is to resume normal activities and what those who are unwilling are waiting on before they believe the country is ready to reopen. He also provided insight on how likely Americans are to take legal action against their employers if they contract COVID-19 in the workplace breaking it down by demographic group.

Gina Derickson then relayed responses from the survey participants regarding vaccines and testing. While Thau and Last concluded their presentation exploring differing attitudes towards coronavirus based on age group and people’s willingness to continue working from home. The webinar finished with a Q & A session with the panelists.