2016 Intensive Trade Seminar

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On September 28th and 29th 2016, the Washington International Trade Association partnered with the George Washington University Elliot School of International Affairs to present the 2016 Intensive Trade Seminar. This two-day seminar gave an overview of the U.S. Government’s formulation and enforcement of trade policies, and covered a series of topics ranging from Congressional procedure of trade policy-making, to the integral role of trade in economic development and capacity building.

Among the many distinguished speakers were career trade policymakers from the U.S. Government and Congress, and experts from the private sector and NGOs with crucial experiences in trade. They provided the participants an in-depth examination of the key components of trade policy-making, and shared their unique insights of challenges and opportunities facing global trade. Our participants, varying from embassy staff to trade professionals in the U.S. Government and economic sector, contributed their distinct perspectives to this open dialogue of trade policy discussion.

Videos and Presentations from the Fall 2016 Intensive Trade Seminar

Please click on the links below to download presentations; To watch the full playlist on our YouTube channel, please click here.

Seminar 1: Trade Policy Making in Congress (House Perspective)

Seminar 2: Trade Responsibilities in the Executive Branch

Marideth Sandler Presentation

Seminar 3: U.S. Trade Remedies

Stephen Claeys & Stacy J Ettinger Presentation

Seminar 4: Policy Monitoring and Dispute Settlement

John Liuzzi Presentation

Seminar 5: Transatlantic Trade and Investment

Seminar 6: TPP Session: Status and Prospects Seminar 7: Trade Policy Making in the Congress (Senate Perspective) Seminar 8: Trade Promotion Coordination

Pat Kirwan Presentation

Seminar 9: Trade, Economic Development, and Capacity Building

Katrin Kuhlmann Presentation


Seminar 10: Intellectual Property Rights

Richard Kjeldgaard Presentation

Jonathan Engler Presentation

Seminar 11: Services in Regional, Plurilateral, and Multilateral Negotiations

Christine Bliss Presentation

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