WITA Presents: Trade and the American Voter

On November 17th, 2016, The Washington International Trade Association hosted an in-depth panel discussion about the American electorate, trade and the outlook for trade in the US Congress. The event was Moderated by Audrae Erickson, VP External & Public Affairs Mead Johnson Featuring: Rep. Jerry Weller, Former Congressman (R-IL), Bill Lane, Chairman Emeritus USGLC & WITFMichael Ramlet, Cofounder & CEO, Morning Consult, and Simon Rosenberg, President & Founder of NDN. 2016-11-17-09-49-59 2016-11-17-10-02-23 2016-11-17-10-16-27 2016-11-17-10-31-16
Powerpoint Presentation Micheal Ramlet, Cofounder & CEO, Morning Consult

Morning Consult Presentation

Panel Discussion:

Jerry Weller, Former Congressman (R-IL) Simon Rosenberg, President & Founder of NDN Bill Lane, Chairman Emeritus USGLC & WITF Q&A Session Part One: Part Two: