Director, Office of Industry and Competitiveness Analysis

Director, Office of Industry and Competitiveness Analysis
Office of Industry and Competitiveness Analysis, U.S. International Trade Commission
Washington, DC

Position Title – Director, Office of Industry and Competitiveness Analysis

Agency – U.S. International Trade Commission

Hiring Organization – Office of Industry and Competitiveness Analysis

Open & Closing Dates – Thursday, March 2, 2023, to Monday, April 3, 2023

Salary – $141,022.00 to $212,100.00 Per Year

Pay Scale & Grade – ES-00

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The Director of the Office of Industry and Competitiveness Analysis provides executive leadership to the OICA, which is responsible for analyzing and producing pertinent qualitative and quantitative data and analysis on industry, economic, and technical matters relating to the competitive posture of the United States in agriculture, mining, services, and manufacturing in domestic and world markets. The incumbent of this position will also serve as a key member of the executive leadership of the Commission, actively participating in activities that drive the strategic direction of the Commission and optimize resource usage to further the Commission’s mission.

The Director of OCIA will provide executive leadership to a staff that: 1) Ensures the collection and maintenance of information and comparative data on current and future manufacturing processing techniques, costs, quality, productive capacity, productivity, transportation, sources of materials, consumption, demand, marketing, and other factors having a bearing on the relative capabilities of domestic and foreign enterprises; 2) Develops and maintains a continuing and close working relationship with domestic producers, importers, and distributors, for the purposes of maintaining sources of information necessary for the fulfillment of the Commission’s and Office’s missions; and 3) Provides expert advice to the agency, the Commissioners, the public, Congress or the President. The expert advice will be used to analyze industries in investigations or agency programs, to undertake studies or research of particular industries; to produce papers and articles of interest to the international trade community; and contribute to strategic direction of the Commission.

As a Senior Executive, the incumbent will have direct responsibility for managing OICA, including determining strategic and annual goals and objectives, establishing performance plans and objectives, assigning work, evaluating performance, supporting agency human resource management, equal employment opportunity and labor relations policies and objectives, managing fiscal resources, and ensuring adherence to security, privacy and internal control requirements within your organization. Along with other agency Senior Executives, the incumbent will take an active role in agency-wide management activities.

As the Director of OCIA, you will:

  • Serve as a key advisor to the Director of Operations, Commissioners, and other Commission offices in the planning, management, and directional support related to OICA programmatic and operational decisions;
  • Facilitate communications and provide authoritative information, analyses, and policy and program recommendations;
  • Conduct negotiations and devise solutions to provide senior management with a basis for decisions which affect major agency programs and operations;
  • Develop and maintain expertise on international trade and on current and future factors impacting the relative competitive capabilities of domestic and foreign industries, including manufacturing and processing techniques, service offerings and delivery models, labor, costs, quality, productive capacity, productivity, transportation, material sources, consumption, demand, and marketing, as well as the impact of tariff and other trade and trade-related issues on firms and workers in an industry;
  • Develop and maintain working relationships with relevant stakeholders, including industry representatives and associations, other government agencies, non-governmental and public interest groups, and research institutions for the purpose of maintaining sources of information necessary for the fulfillment of the Commission’s and office’s missions;
  • Provide expert advice on industry and competitiveness issues for fact-finding and import injury investigations, and other agency publications, programs, and work product;
  • Oversee the project-management, research, analysis, and drafting of fact-finding reports and technical assistance projects;
  • Develop and maintain research programs and initiatives that are aligned with agency performance goals and relevant to current U.S. trade policy issues;
  • With other Commission Senior Executive Service members, lead efforts for budget formulation and execution, human capital management, and performance and strategic planning; and
  • Represent the agency in conferences, briefings, presentations, and/or hearings.

In addition to international trade and competitiveness expertise, the ideal candidate will have extensive experience leading teams of highly-technical skilled professionals and supervisors, and a demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with external and internal customers and staff to achieve strategic and statutory goals