Statement before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary “5G: The Impact on National Security, Intellectual Property, and Competition”



James Andrew Lewis | Senior Vice President and Director, Technology Policy Program Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Originally published on the Center for Strategic and International Studies.


I would like to thank the Committee for the opportunity to testify on a topic of critical importance to the United States. This goes well beyond 5G, although 5G is the focal point. 5G networks will shape the digital economy – this is why there is such intense competition. The United States can manage 5G risk with two sets of policies. The first is to ensure that American companies can continue to innovate and produce advanced technologies and face fair competition overseas. The second is to work with like-minded nations to develop common approaches to 5G security.

Telecom is a strategic industry and a reliance on Chinese companies creates risk for the United States and its allies. A secure supply chain for 5G closes off dangerous areas of risk for national security in terms of espionage and the potential disruption of critical services. China’s coercive behavior and aggressive global campaign of cyber espionage makes it certain that it will exploit the opportunities it gains as a 5G supplier.


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