Huawei Chairman Urges U.S. to Reconsider ‘Attack’ on Global Supply Chain



Josh Horwitz | Brenda Goh | Reuters

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies said on Wednesday its supply chain was under attack from the United States and called on Washington to reconsider its trade restrictions which were hurting suppliers globally.

The world’s biggest maker of mobile telecommunications equipment and smartphones is under pressure from U.S. trade curbs designed to choke Huawei’s access to commercially available chips.

“The U.S. has modified their sanctions for the third time and that has indeed brought great challenges to our production and operations,” Huawei Chairman Guo Ping told reporters in Shanghai.

Washington says Huawei is a vehicle for Chinese state espionage and from Sept. 15 imposed new curbs barring U.S. companies from supplying or servicing the company. Huawei has repeatedly denied being a national security risk.

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