June 2020 Statement of the Ottawa Group: Focusing Action on COVID-19



The Ottawa Group

The world continues to grapple with the profound human health and economic impacts of the COVID- 19 pandemic. In response to these challenges, thinking has begun on trade policy actions that would support an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient recovery as well as what trade rules should be adapted or developed to guide collaborative policy responses to future global crises. In this context, the WTO must play an important role in helping ensure coordination and coherence between actions its members take. This will require initiative and engagement by WTO Members in order to be successful.

In this environment, there is an opportunity for the Ottawa Group to provide leadership, critical thinking and analysis, as well as ideas and proposals on potential actions that the broader WTO membership could take. In order to make best use of resources, this paper sets out six areas where concrete actions could be taken.

June 2020 statement of the Ottawa Group Focusing action on COVID-19 WTO General Council 16 June 2020

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