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International Trade Policy Under Biden: The “New” Washington Consensus and Its Discontents

Simon Schropp | Mercatus Center | 06/19/2024

The Biden administration is abandoning the rules-based international trading system in favor of a self-proclaimed New Washington Consensus that redefines trade policy. Can it work?   After four years of…

The Conservative Case & The Progressive Case for Globalization

Jeb Hensarling | Inu Manak & Helena Kopans‐​Johnson | Cato Institute | 05/30/2024

As part ...

Trump’s Proposed Blanket Tariffs Would Risk a Global Trade War

Alan Wm. Wolff | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 05/29/2024

Former President...

US Sets Trade Policy Sights on China’s Xinjiang

Henry Storey | Hinrich Foundation | 03/19/2024

As Washington escalates its raft of trade controls against Ch...

Reset, Prevent, Build: A Strategy to Win America’s Economy Competition with the Chinese Communist Party

Select Committee on the Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party | U.S. House of Representatives | 12/12/2023


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