WITA’s Friday Focus on the WITA Academy – November 24, 2023




The Washington International Trade Association and Washington International Trade Foundation would like to thank UPS, the Cristena Bach Yeutter Charitable Trust and the American Apparel & Footwear Association for their commitments to the WITA Academy. With their support, the WITA Academy has successfully launched its program to make trade education and career opportunities in international trade accessible to communities in the United States and around the world, and to make the trade community itself more diverse, equitable and inclusive.
In just the first year of the WITA Academy, 700 students from over 25 colleges and universities participated in programs to learn about trade policy and opportunities for careers in international trade. All students taking part in Academy programs also received WITA memberships thanks to the support of our Academy sponsors. In 2024, we plan to grow the number of students participating from schools across the United States.

Over the past year, the WITA academy hosted representative from over 50 different countries for trade education and capacity building programs. These sessions looked at U.S. and E.U. trade governance and addressed critical issues such as Artificial Intelligence and Food & Drug Regulations. In 2024, the WITA Academy expects to host seminars to educate about the ins-and-outs of the World Trade Organization and engage in a deep dive on Digital Trade.

The WITA Academy is a member-driven initiative to build up the future of the trade community in an inclusive and equitable way. If you are interested in participating or supporting the WITA Academy, please email WITA Academy Executive Director, Diego Añez at danez@wita.org.

One Year at a Glance


The WITA Academy works with trade leaders in businesses, law, academia, NGOs, embassies and governments to help stakeholders, students, and others to better understand and navigate the U.S. and global trade policy apparatus.


Pillars of the WITA Academy


Career Development and Trade Education & Capacity Building Programs


International Intensive Trade Seminar (ITS): Africa Leaders Summit and AGOA Ministerial

Husker Trade Talk: Careers in International Affairs, Business & Trade

Pathways To Opportunity – University of Delaware

Trade on the Hill Series: What is the Role of Congress in Trade Policymaking?

YTP Spring Happy Hour

2023 WITA European Union Virtual Intensive Trade Seminar

FDA Boot Camp: New Cosmetics Regulations and the Latest on Food, Drugs and Medical Devices

Pathways To Opportunity – Howard University

College of Arts & Sciences Leadership Lunch and Learn  Howard University

YTP Summer Happy Hour

AI and Trade Virtual Intensive Trade Seminar

2023 WITA Academy Virtual U.S. Intensive Trade Seminar

Pathways To Opportunity – Fashion Institute of Technology

YTP Trick-or-Trade Happy Hour


Pathways To Opportunity in Partnership with the Yeutter Institute, University of Kansas, and University of Denver

Click on the video below to watch the remarks given by Dr. Daniel Smith, Associate Dean for the Social Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Delaware at the WITA Academy’s Pathways to Opportunity program held in March, 2023

More Than 135 Speakers Have Volunteered to Serve as WITA Academy Faculty

Adam Hemphill • Alexandra Koutoglidou • Alexandra Whittaker • Amanda Blunt • Amie Kreppel • Angela Ellard • Angela Marshall Hofmann • Anna Benevente • Arnoud Willems • Ashley Llorens • Atli Stannard • Audrae Erickson • Barbara Stallings • Bill McRaith • Blake Harden • Bob Stack • Brenda Smith • Brian Grunenfelder • C.J. Mahoney • Catherine DeFilippo • Catherine Schultz • Charlotte McClure • Christine Davies • Clete Willems • Colin Brown • Cornelia Kutterer • Cristina Rueda-Catry • Cynthia F. Whittenburg • Damien Levie • Daniel Bahar • Daniel Mullaney • Ambassador Darci Vetter • David Skillman • Ambassador Demetrios Marantis • Dennis Simmons • Donna O. Charles • Dontai Smalls • Douglas M. Bell • Ed Gresser • Efthymia (Emmy) Korodima • Elle O’Flaherty • Emily Beline • Eric Biel • Eric Trachtenberg • Erin Ennis • Everett Eissenstat • Florie Liser • Dr. Frances G. Burwell • Giovanna M. Cinelli • Heidi Colby-Oizumi • Henry Almond • Hervé Jouanjean • H.E. Ambassador Hilda Suka-Mafudze • Ambassador Hugo Paemen • Hun Quach • Jaclyn Bellomo • Jake Colvin • James Foster • Jamila Thompson • Jason Prince • Jeannette Chu • Jeff Winter • Jennifer A. Hillman • Jodi Herman • JoEllen Urban… And many, many more!

Thank you to our WITA Academy Sponsors




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