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Redefining Europe’s Economic Sovereignty

Mark Leonard, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Elina Ribakova, Jeremy Shapiro, and Guntram B. Wolff | Bruegel | European Council on Foreign Relations | 06/25/2019

Europeans like to believe the European Union has the collective economic size and capacity to determine its own economic destiny. But the behaviour of others global powers is increasingly calling…

Trade openness is critical to securing Asia’s food against climate change

C Peter Timmer, Harvard University | East Asia Forum | 06/20/2019

Food security is a c...

China and the World Trade Organisation: Towards a Better Fit

Petros C. Mavroidis, André Sapir | Bruegel | 06/13/2019

China’s accession to the World Trade Organis...

Jaw Jaw not War War: Prioritising WTO Reform Options

Simon J. Evenett & Johannes Fritz | Global Trade Alert | 06/12/2019

G20 Leaders are due to discuss options to...

WTO Annual Report 2019

Roberto Azevêdo | Director-General | World Trade Organization | 06/04/2019

Mounting trade tensions, an increase in trade-restrictive measu...

International trade: Rekindling interest in a multilateral rules-based approach

Françoise Nicolas and Sébastien Jean | French Institute of International Relations | 05/30/2019


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