STDF ANNUAL Facing the future: shaping safe trade outcomes REPORT 2019



Standards and Trade Development Facility

The fallout from the global coronavirus pandemic, which hits out at the entire fabric of how people live, work and do business, is being felt all the more keenly in developing countries.

How the global community responds will be shaped in the coming period, but STDF’s vision of sustainable economic growth, poverty reduction and food security is as critical as ever.

The STDF partnership in the last year has continued to bring that vision to life. We are proud of our responsive, expert-driven work to effect change and empower small-scale farmers, producers, traders and governments working in developing and least developed countries.

This 2019 Annual Report is focused on facing the future and shaping safe trade outcomes, with the development of STDF’s 2020-2024 Strategy, drawing on the latest external evaluation. Headline results and lessons from the Report connect to the UN Global Goals of no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, decent work and economic growth, and partnerships, and show how our work links to emerging trade and development trends.

In 2019, STDF’s global platform, knowledge hub and projects delivered practical solutions for the public
and private sector to use tools and technologies to transform agri-food productivity, meet international standards, facilitate business at borders, access regional and global markets and trade safely. In turn, our partnership efforts have helped to generate
jobs, raise incomes and secure more livelihoods including for women and small businesses.

In the current context where pests
and diseases can spread worldwide, promoting plant and animal health and food safety across supply chains is a global public good. The STDF is building cross-community action in this area, investing in safe trade systems and scaling up assistance for developing countries, which in turn will help to support economic recovery.

We look forward to staying connected and realizing our collective vision.


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