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Recommendation of the Council on Artificial Intelligence

OECD | 05/02/2024

Background Information The Recommendation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) (hereafter the “Recommendation”) – the first intergovernmental standard on AI – was adopted by the OECD Council meeting at Ministerial level on…

OECD Handbook On Competition Policy In The Digital Age

OECD | 02/23/2022

Competition authorities face a complex environment when addressing potential misconduct i...

An OECD For a New Era

Daniel H. Rosen, Agatha Kratz, Charlie Vest, and Lauren Dudley | Rhodium Group | 09/27/2021

September 30th, 2021, marks the 60th anniversar...

Global Economic Effects of COVID-19

James K. Jackson, Martin A. Weiss, Andres B. Schwarzenberg, Rebecca M. Nelson, Karen M. Sutter, and Michael D. Sutherland | Congressional Research Service | 06/15/2021

Global Economic Effects of COVID-19

James K. Jackson | Martin A. Weiss | Andres B. Schwarzenberg | Rebecca M. Nelson | Congressional Research Service | 08/31/2020


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