The Trade for Peace Programme: Past, Present and Future



Axel M. Addy | WTO | Trade for Peace Podcast

The first episode of the Trade for Peace Podcast will give an overview of the origins of the Trade for Peace Programme. Taking the audience through the historical connection between trade and peace, it will begin with a discussion on how this connection is manifested in the Havana Charter, the GATT, and now, the WTO. The second segment of the podcast will be dedicated to the genesis of the Trade for Peace Programme, referencing its critical partnership with the g7+ WTO Accessions Group. Finally, guests will conclude by discussing the potential future trajectory of the Trade for Peace Programme.


– Ambassador Alan Wm. Wolff, Deputy Director-General, WTO

– Mr. Mohammad Qurban Haqjo, Former Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the WTO and Former Chairperson of the g7+ WTO Accessions Group


– Mr. Axel M. Addy, Former Minister of Commerce & Industry of Liberia and Chief Negotiator for WTO Accession

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