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The Twilight of US Trade Leadership

Claude Barfield | American Enterprise Institute | 02/16/2024

As 2024 begins, the United States continues its retreat from its post-World War II role as leader of a rules-based global trading system. This retreat began in 2017 with the…

How Unpredictable Weather is Squeezing the Arteries of Global Trade

Melissa Lawford | The Telegraph | 11/10/2023

The Panama Canal has a water problem: there’s not...

Trump’s Renegotiation of the NAFTA Free Trade Deal is Helping Workers—in Mexico

Paul Wiseman, Mark Stevenson, Tom Krisher and The Associated Press | Fortune | 06/29/2023

US & EU Take Different Approaches To Electric Cars From China

Steve Hanley | CleanTechnica | 06/27/2023

Two-thirds of all electric car sales last year were i...

Biden’s Latest Climate Minefield: EV Mineral Deals

Brian Dabbs | E&E News | 05/09/2023

A Biden administration plan to use mineral trade agreements to boost elec...

A New Horizon in U.S. Trade Policy

Trevor Sutton & Mike Williams | Center for American Progress | 03/14/2023

Key Developments and Questions for the Biden Administ...


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