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Two All-Star Panels Debate the Past, Present and Future of U.S. Trade Policy, 250 Years Since the Boston Tea Party Made Trade a Political Issue in America

WITA | 12/14/2023

The Boston Tea Party, which took place on December 16, 1773, was a protest about British trade policies, and was a seminal American political event. On Thursday, December 14, WITA…

WITA Webinar: U.S. Industrial Policy, Subsidies, and Trade

WITA | 09/22/2022

With passage of the Chips and Science Act and the budget reconciliation bill, the U.S...

De Maximus De Minimis Debate

WITA | 06/03/2022

On Friday, June 3rd, WITA held a webinar exploring the history of the de minimis provision and its evolution and di...

WITA’s Sanctions Series: Russia Sanctions – From Jackson-Vanik to Today

WITA | 03/10/2022

On Thursday, March 10, WITA held an emergency webinar on Russia ...

WITA Webinar: Listening for America (Report) on Trade

WITA | 10/07/2021

On Thursday, October 7, we welcomed members of the Board and Advisory Council of Listening...


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