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Library of past WITA events.


WITA NAFTA Series: North American Manufacturing

WITA | 11/09/2017

On Thursday, November 9th, 2017 WITA hosted another NAFTA Series Event on what does NAFTA mean for U.S. and North American manufacturing, and what will the future hold in a…

NAFTA Series: North American Supply Chains

WITA | 10/19/2017

WITA hosted the NAFTA Series Event: North American Supply Chains, where panelists discussed the USTR&...

WITA NAFTA Series: Trade Dispute Settlement (Chapters 19 & 20)

WITA | 10/05/2017

WITA held the third of the ten-part series examining the renegotiation and m...

NAFTA Series Agriculture Event

WITA | 09/13/2017

WITA hosted an event in the signature NAFTA Series about the agreement’s agenda for agriculture after USTR ...

NAFTA Series Kickoff Event

WITA | 07/20/2017

The NAFTA Series was launched by WITA to examine some of the more vexing issues that will face the three government a...

WITA Event: NAFTA 2.0?

WITA | 02/09/2017

Before a standing-room only crowd, WITA examined what revisiting the 23-year old agreement might look like.  Experts disc...


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