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What’s the Future for U.S. – EU Trade?

WITA | 11/15/2018

Thursday November 15, 2018, WITA held a discussion with Ambassador David O’Sullivan from the EU on the future of United States-European Union trade.   Featuring Ambassador David O’Sullivan, European Union…

WITA NAFTA Series Event: Where Are We Now?

WITA | 09/13/2018

WITA hosted an expert panel that discussed the changes being negotiated, the process for ratification...

The Great Wall: Trade Enforcement in the Age of Trump

WITA | 03/13/2018

WITA welcomed an expert panel to discuss the recently announced tariffs on aluminum and st...

Supply Chain Barriers: What Can Be Done?

WITA | 01/31/2013

On January 23, the World Economic Forum in Davos and the World Bank released a new joint report, “...

Export Control Reforms

WITA | 12/13/2012

Many believe the current U.S. export control system, although crucial, has become a multi-layer unwieldy behemoth that no...

Services Trade and Investment: Unlocking Growth, Recovery, and Jobs

WITA | 11/29/2011

Three new studies show how U.S. services exports can create millions of new...


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