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EU urges UK to accept Swiss-style deal to end agri-food standoff

John Chalmers | Reuters | 07/06/2021

The European Union urged London on Tuesday to consider a Swiss-style veterinary agreement with Brussels on agri-foods to end a post-Brexit ‘sausage war’ row over certain goods moving between Britain…

Singapore Defends Foreign Labor as Opposition Seeks Limits

Kwan Wei Kevin Tan, Philip Heijmans | Bloomberg | 07/06/2021

Top Singapore ministers defended the gove...

FTAs vital for Singapore’s business community, says NMP

Sue-Ann Tan | The Straits Times | 07/06/2021

Free trade agreements (FTAs) are important in helping b...

Liquidity trapped in supply chains hits highest level in a decade, research finds

Eleanor Wragg | Global Trade Review | 07/06/2021

The amount of cash held up betw...

Europe faces sceptical globe with carbon border levy

Hellenic Shipping News | 07/06/2021

The European Union faces an uphill battle to convince trading partners th...

The Tech Cold War’s ‘Most Complicated Machine’ That’s Out of China’s Reach

Don Clark | NY Times | 07/06/2021

President Biden and many lawmakers in Washi...

Merkel, Macron discuss EU ties, trade, climate with China’s Xi

Paul Carrel, Thomas Escritt | Reuters | 07/06/2021

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Frenc...


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