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Russia-Saudi alliance abandons assault on US shale as oil supply crunch looms

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard | The Telegraph | 01/25/2019

The oil alliance of Opec and Russia has abandoned efforts to drive US shale out of the global energy market, accepting the hard reality of America’s irrepressible frackers for years to…

Global economy in real danger if U.S.-China trade war escalates – Reuters poll

Shrutee Sarkar | Reuters | 01/25/2019

BENGALURU (Reuters) – A synchroni...

Turning the page on international trade

Aurelia Frick | The Jakarta Post | 01/25/2019

The year 2018 may go down in history as a year of trade wars and protectioni...

Trump’s outside China advisor says there will not be a breakthrough in trade talks soon

Tucker Higgins | CNBC | 01/25/2019

President Donald Trump’s ou...

Eurozone faces growing risks, Draghi warns, as economic slowdown takes hold

Tim Wallace | The Telegraph | 01/25/2019

The eurozone economy is slowing sharply and f...

Brexit: How many trade deals has the UK done?

Tom Edgington | BBC | 01/25/2019

As a European Union member, the UK is part of about 40 trade agreements which the u...

Globalisation has faltered

The Economist | 01/24/2019

Large and sustained increases in the cross-border flow of goods, money, ideas and people have been the most ...


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