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Navarro: China engages in so many ‘egregious practices,’ it’s tougher to get a trade deal

Kate Rooney | CNBC | 09/25/2018

Navarro: China engages in so many ‘egregious practices,’ it’s tougher to get a trade deal Establishing a new trade deal with China could be significantly tougher than it was with…

China accuses US of trade bullying as new tariffs imposed

BBC Staff | BBC | 09/24/2018

China has accused the US of trade bullying after a new round of US tariffs ...

German Business Sentiment Slid Amid New Round in Trade Spat

Piotr Skolimowski | Bloomberg | 09/24/2018

German business confidence slipped amid an intensifying tr...

Trump’s trade wars start biting GOP ahead of midterms

Ben White | Politico | 09/24/2018

President Donald Trump’s trade battles are already triggering economic ...

India-South Asia trade has potential to triple to $62 billion, says World Bank

Kirtika Suneja | The Economics Times | 09/24/2018

Deeper regional trade and connec...

Japan’s PM says talks with Trump on trade were constructive ahead of meetings this week

Reuters Staff | Reuters | 09/24/2018

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanes...

Canada, U.S. likely to hold informal NAFTA talks on sidelines of UN meeting, Trudeau says

Allison Lampert | Financial Post | 09/24/2018

U.S. and Canadian officia...


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