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Challenging China: US champions trade over aid as race to invest in Africa gathers pace

Paul Nuki | The Telegraph | 10/30/2018

America looks set to unveil a new trade-oriented Africa policy which will champion US corporate investment over conventional development aid. The move reflects concern in Washington that the west risks being…

America’s global trade war finally arrives at the WTO as members dispute US tariffs

Stephanie Dhue, Ylan Mui | CNBC | 10/30/2018

America’s global trad...

Who Cares About The World Trade Organization?

Phil Levy | Forbes | 10/29/2018

 Last week, as the Trump administration pretended everything was now fine with trade...

Japan needs China’s business and pacified US-China relations

Michael Ivanovitch | CNBC | 10/29/2018

There are few, if any, world leaders that could match th...

ACTION for Trade: Statement on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

PR Newswire | Global Trade Magazine | 10/29/2018

ACTION for Trade executive director Bri...

Rupee Slump to Push India to Seek Yuan Trade Settlement

Archana Chaudhary | Bloomberg | 10/29/2018

Rupee Slump to Push India to Seek Yuan Trade Settlement India ...

Beijing praises its own ‘import expo’ despite snub from US

Amanda Lee | South China Morning Post | 10/29/2018

Beijing praises its own ‘import expo’ despite s...


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