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Farm Bureau: Farmers want trade restored instead of aid package

Julia Manchester | 08/01/2018

A senior official with the American Farm Bureau Federation on Tuesday said the $12 billion aid package proposed by President Trump is not a bailout, and that farmers would rather have the trade…

Chinese Economy Starts to Feel Tariff Impact

Liyan Qi and Grace Zhu | 07/31/2018

BEIJING—China’s leadership pledged to ensure economic stability as its trade figh...

Tariffs will cost Caterpillar $200 million, so it’s going to raise its prices

Fred Imbert | 07/31/2018

Big exporter Caterpillar gave a figure on how much t...

US and China reportedly seeking to restart talks to avert trade war

Tae Kim | 07/31/2018

The U.S. and China are seeking to restart talks to avert a trade war, acc...

Trade War Update: U.S. Goes For China’s Jugular

Kenneth Rapoza | 07/31/2018

If you want to know the endgame in this China trade war, it is probably this: re...

‘Happy with tariffs’: Steel industry emerges as trade war winner

Matt Egan | 07/31/2018

President Donald Trump’s metal tariffs have sent steel ...

Charles Koch warns that Trump’s trade war could be “disastrous”

Khorri Atkinson | 07/31/2018

Billionaire Charles Koch told reporters at his poli...


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