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Assessing Different European Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Implementations and Their Impact on Trade Partners

Timothé Beaufils, Hauke Ward, Michael Jakob & Leonie Wenz | Communications Earth & Environment | 04/24/2023

Abstract The European Union (EU) will implement a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) to reach its climate mitigation targets while avoiding the relocation of its industries to countries with less…

Can EU Carbon Border Adjustment Measures Propel WTO Climate Talks?

Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Jisun Kim and Jeffrey J. Schott | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 11/10/2021

Legal Issues with the European Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

James Bacchus | CATO Institute | 08/09/2021

The European Commission has proposed a carbon borde...

Avoiding the Pitfalls of an EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Elisabetta Cornago, Sam Lowe | Centre for European Reform | 07/05/2021

A leaked draft of the EU’...

Border Carbon Adjustments without Full (or Any) Carbon Pricing

William A. Pizer and Erin J. Campbell | Resources for the Future | 07/01/2021

Border carbon adjustm...


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