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Degrees of Separation: A Targeted Approach to U.S.-China Decoupling – Final Report

Stephanie Segal, Matthew Reynolds, and Brooke Roberts | Center for Strategic & International Studies | 10/21/2021

The CSIS Economics Program launched Degrees of Separation to establish clearer objectives for U.S. engagement with China and to assess whether disengagement from specific economic activities can help in meeting such objectives. The interim report reviewed…

The Economic Impacts of the US-China Trade War

Pablo Fajgelbaum & Amit Khandelwal | National Bureau of Economic Research | 09/22/2021

In 2018, the US launched a t...

Reimagining the US-India trade relationship

Ridhika Batra, Mark Linscott, Anand Raghuraman, Harsha Vardhana Singh | Atlantic Council | 07/06/2021

The United State...

Can China Blunt the Impact of New US Economic Sanctions?

Mary E. Lovely, Jeffrey J. Schott | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 06/23/2021



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